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Packed Moving Boxes

Military Moves

From the initial posting message to boots on the ground, our goal

is to make your family's military move as stress-free as possible.

We know listing or buying as a military family can be stressful. Fortunately for you, our team has extensive experience helping CF members with posting messages, HHTs and the mountains of paperwork that are all part of a military move. As approved, experienced suppliers on your IRP list, we will provide you with the best personal service available, taking the stress off of your family and ensuring your tight timelines are met so that you can look forward to your new home.  

 Let me refer you to a great hotel that is located in proximity to our search area and can accommodate your specific needs. Gym, pool for kiddies, pets, etc...

Contact a local mortgage broker. They will be here to meet in person and will have a better knowledge of the local market and connections with appraisers. Be sure to remember all documents they will require.

Check out my list of reputable approved home inspectors. Pre-booking an inspection will save us a precious time and don't worry they can be rescheduled or cancelled without charge. 

Your shoes will be on and off a lot. Try to wear comfortable slip-ons,

it will make all the difference. 

Bring your Health cards and your child's immunization records. Its never too soon to look for a local doctor and you can pre-register them for their new school. 

If you are bringing small children on your HHT, be sure to bring snacks and activities to keep them occupied. The days can be long and boring for them.

Don't forget to pack your cheque book. You will be submitting a deposit with our accepted Agreement and you may need to pay for items such as well flow, septic pump etc.

Pack your relocation package and Brookfield Relocation Specialist contact information, in addition to any other documents you may need.

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