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 About this challenge 

In November I will trek 5 days towards one of the highest active volcanoes in the world! During this high altitude adventure, we will hike long days across varied terrain in unpredictable mountain weather, camp in tents, go without cell service, and give up many comforts of home. This trek will not be easy but it will be immensely worthwhile. Each step we take take and every dollar they raise will support courageous women and children seeking safety and rebuilding lives free from abuse. To participate, i must raise at least $6,000 in support of the Royal LePage Shelter Foundation which will fund our local Three Oaks Foundation as well as national domestic violence prevention programs.

Why I trek

As a Realtor my purpose is to find people a home. Sadly on any given night close to 6,000 women and children are fleeing their home to find refuge in an emergency shelter because home is not a safe place for them. And hundreds are turned away because there is no space for them. 

Locally, our Three Oaks Foundation has been providing safe shelter for women and children since 1983. Thanks to support like yours, each year they are able to house nearly twice as many fleeing domestic violence as their funding allows for.

Women’s shelters across Canada need our support now more than ever to fund their life-saving and life-changing work. As we emerge from the COVID pandemic, shelters across the country are reporting rising rates of domestic violence and more women than ever who are reaching out for help. While most of our lives have returned to normal, there are women and children in all corners of the country who are now fleeing the danger within their homes and working to rebuild their future after experiencing domestic violence. 

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