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trusted advisors for life

When most people begin thinking of buying or selling a home they don't think of searching for a trusted Realtor first. We believe that is the most important step!  If you stop to think about it, you are about to acquire or relinquish what is usually  your family's largest asset - it's a big deal. We want to be your trusted advisors for life, not just handle a transaction. 


Meet Mia Nelles

Mia has been active in many areas of the market and can help you understand the uniqueness of each neighbourhood. She will help you identify which schools are the best fit for your children, if a certain area is declining or perhaps the next hot market, and more importantly why!

From lifestyle options, churches, shopping and outdoor activities, whatever is most important to you, Mia can connect you with it. Many of her clients have bought and sold homes with her repeatedly and actively refer their friends and family. Becoming their trusted advisor is the biggest compliment for Mia. She is devoted to serving the needs of clients before, during and after their purchase and works with people who know she is always looking out for what’s best for them.Family is important and each one is unique and precious.

Personal values, honesty and responsibility to the community are top priorities for Mia and passing those priorities on to her children is her main goal in life. A passionate supporter of the Royal LePage Shelter Foundation, Mia's fundraising efforts have taken her from the rolling sand dunes of the Sahara Desert to the Purcell Mountains of western Canada. Trekking over 200km with Royal LePage colleagues from across the country, Mia has personally raised close to $23,000 in support of her local Three Oaks Women's Shelter. 


Paige Emily

Our Office Maven, Paige is the keeper of paperwork, and overall Mia-wrangler. She keeps everything moving smoothly, and is your first point of contact in our office.


Working by referral

Relationships are more important than transactions. You may have noticed that many real estate agents take a transactional approach to sales - identifying clients, closing the deal, and then moving on to the next one. We choose not to work that way because we believe you deserve more from the professional you decide to work with. That's why we work by referral.


Since our primary source of new business is referrals from people who know and trust us, we don't have to spend time prospecting and promoting ourselves. We can dedicate ourselves fully to the activities that benefit you most and always delivery truly exceptional service. 


We know that we must earn your future referrals, so we aim to exceed your expectations. We have a vested interest making sure that you are completely satisfied at the end of our transaction together. We want you to be so fired up that you can't wait to tell your friends and family about us and the fantastic service you received. 

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